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Stephanie Courtney's Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

Stephanie Courtney's Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

6 cups milk
2 cups chocolate chips
1 ½ cups heavy whipping cream
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 4 oz. can sweetened condensed milk

Combine ingredients in a slow cooker. Cover and cook on low, stirring occasionally, until the mixture is smooth. Enjoy with your favorite topping.

Standup comedian and actress Stephanie Courtney, better known as Flo from Progressive, was born February 8, 1970, in New York. After graduating from college with an English degree, she moved to Los Angeles to join The Groundlings, an improv and sketch comedy group. She performed in several movies and TV series before becoming one of the most recognizable characters in advertising - a super-peppy insurance cashier for Progressive. Courtney got the inspiration for “Flo” from her mother when she’s at her most chipper. And here’s a fun fact: many people are surprised to learn her big hair is all-natural, with a lot of back-combing and teasing.

Did you Know?

Glass is 100% recyclable!

Glass is 100% recyclable!

Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity - something few food and beverage packaging options can claim. In the US, 10 states have a bottle bill, which requires consumers to pay deposits on beverage bottles and offers a monetary incentive to return the container for recycling. In states with those laws, 98% of bottles are recycled, compared with the national average of roughly 33%.

Printing Quiz

When a printer asks if you’d like deboss, what they really mean is:

  • The person in charge (da’boss)
  • A stamped image creating a raised 3D graphic
  • A stamped image creating a recessed graphic that is sunken into the paper

When an image (logo, text, etc.) is imprinted into your print piece, creating a depressed effect, it is called debossing.